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For those who are new to my website, my name is Joe. I'm an author. My book series, The Seryys Chornicles, is sure to blow your socks off!
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The Seryysans and the Vyysarri have been at war for centuries and there is no end to the war in sight. The Vyysarri, nomadic, savage warriors, are relentless in their efforts to wipe out the Seryysans once for all, while the Seryysans, civilized denizens, scramble to defend themselves by whatever means necessary.

When Khai’Xander Khail, a retired war veteran and hero of the Seryysan People, discovers a government plot to raze Seryys City, a megalopolis, to the ground for a large deposit of a precious metal used to make ship hulls beneath its sprawling streets, he is ultimately forced into an adventure that takes deep within Vyysarri Space. While there, he meets an aged Vyysarri with a message to deliver: an even deeper, darker secret that will shake Khai to his very core and threaten to unravel everything in which he believes.

The question: What is Operation: Bright Star?
Thanks to the heroic efforts of Khai’Xander Khail and his friends, a tentative peace now exists between the Seryysans and Vyysarri and efforts to find the Vyysarri a new home are underway. However, when a routine exploration mission ends in destruction of a Seryysan ship boasting the first Seryysan/Vyysarri crew, Khai and company are forced to make a hasty escape and stumble upon a most intriguing and hugely significant discovery: a wayward planet out in the void of space.

Meanwhile, anti-integration resistance groups have surfaced that threaten to destroy the hard-fought –and fragile- peace between the two races. Things quickly come unraveled as the mysterious leaders of these resistance groups, with vast resources and operatives in every branch of both governments, begin to meddle in their affairs.

​Their efforts set into motion events with catastrophic consequences; events that force Prime Minster Pual’Kin Puar to make the toughest decision any Prime Minister has made in a hundred years; events that force Khai to leave his comatose wife behind to lead a mission to the other side of the galaxy; events that lead to the destruction of an entire Seryysan fleet; events Of Nightmares come true…

Fantasy is escapist, and that is its glory. If a soldier is imprisioned by the enemy, don't we consider it his duty to escape?. . .If we value the freedom of mind and soul, if we're partisans of liberty, then it's our plain duty to escape, and to take as many people with us as we can!
- J.R.R. Tolkien
The whole difference between construction and creation is exactly this: that a thing constructed can only be loved after it is constructed; but a thing created is loved before it exists.
- Charles Dickens
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In great literature, I become a thousand different men but still remain myself.
- C.S. Lewis
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The Seryys Chronicles: Steel Alliance

The fragile peace between the Seryysans and the Vyysarri still hangs in balance as Khai, Sibrex, Dah and Puar find themselves stranded within the remnants of a long-dead society—the same society the Seryysans reverently call the Founders—while being hunted by an enemy that easily annihilated the Seryys Navy’s Sixth Fleet with only a handful of ships; an enemy that vastly outguns both the Seryysans and Vyysarri! The F’Rosians will stop at nothing to obliterate or at the very least dominate the people of Seryys by following a distress signal sent from the Sixth Fleet right to its destination. Will this new threat bring the Vyysarri and Seryysans together for good?

Meanwhile, things on Seryys have gone from bad to worse. With the evacuation of Seryys City and a handful of others, the Reapers have sent the entire planet into disarray and panic. On the heels of Seryys’ current crisis, the Reapers act as the harbinger of a plague of epic proportions. This plague defies both reality and logic and pushes Prime Minister Pual’Kin Puar to hire a loose cannon to help with the situation by capturing a live Reaper for study, which goes horribly, terrifyingly wrong.

With the F’Rosian Fleet on its way to Seryys, Prime Minister Puar is forced ask for help from Prefect Chuumdar who promptly denies him outright. Worst of all, Puar realizes that if he can’t get the Reapers and the plague under control, there may be nothing left to protect from the F’Rosians.
The Seryys Chronciles: Of Nightmares
The Seryys Chronicles: Death Wish