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Raised in the beautiful mountain town of Breckenridge, Colorado, I now live with my beautiful California girl, and bride, Bonnie, in Northern Colorado. In 2006, I graduated from Adams State College (a small university in Alamosa, Colorado) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Composition. By day, I'm a mild-mannered (yeah, right!) banker and by night, a writer, a musician, a composer, an RPG gamer, a mean video game player and a masked vigilante (not really, but I do own several Superman shirts). I love Sci-Fi and Fantasy, still read comic books, have an impressive Star Wars book collection, an unmatched knowledge of Star Wars trivia, have been watching Star Trek since I was in diapers, love going to the park to read with my wife, HATE sparkly vampires, LOVE Superman, and volunteer every year at StarFest, a Sci-Fi Convention in Denver, Colorado.
In March of 2012, Malachite Quills Publishing changed my life by accepting my manuscript, The Seryys Chronicles: Death Wish for publication. And though Malachite Quills no longer carries my series, it is still available to the public in E-book format and in paperback on Amazon.com. Purchasing this novel, and others like it, helps to support fledgling authors, like myself. With the ever-expanding technological frontier, it is becoming evermore difficult for unestablished authors to make a name for themselves and your support is greatly, deeply, sincerely appreciated. Thank you.