Praise for "The Seryys Chronicles"
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This novel is very well written. The characters are unique and interesting and Nicholson has created a in depth world for them. I am not much of a sci-fi/fantasy novels, but this one I enjoyed!

-Megan O​​

This book was an excellent read. I found myself drawn into the complexity of the characters and the universe in which they live. I couldn't stop reading and I look forward to reading the other books in this series.

If you Love any sci-fi, action packed book, then you have to add this book to your library!! The story is so gripping from cover to cover that I could not put it down. The characters are well developed and their interaction with each other is amazing. There were several times I lost my breath at some of the twists in the story that seem to heighten the excitement of the read! Joe Nicholson's first published book is a complete success and I look forward to many more stories from such an inspiring author!!

This book had non-stop action and kept my attention all the way though. I found myself trying to find times throughout the day so I could read a few pages.

-Dana K​​